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Aggressive sinonasal angiomyxoma management with endoscopic medial maxillectomy approach: a rare case report

  • Mohammad Husni Thamrin ,
  • Budi Sutikno ,


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Background: Aggressive angiomyxoma is a benign tumour of mesenchymal origin, and its incidence is very rare. The treatment of choice for aggressive sinonasal angiomyxoma is surgical extirpation based on the location of the tumour. The surgical procedure can be performed endoscopically or externally. This study aims to report the management of an aggressive sinonasal angiomyxoma rare case with an endoscopic approach.

Case presentation: A 20-year-old female came with the chief complaint of a blocked right nose for the past six months. Patients often had varying amounts of intermittent epistaxis from the right nose, which could stop by itself but in a longer time. Three studies met the inclusion criteria and stated that aggressive sinonasal angiomyxoma is rare. Extirpation surgery was performed with an endoscopic medial maxillectomy approach. Histopathology showed a benign mesenchymal cell tumour consistent with angiomyxoma.

Conclusion: The sinonasal tumour with an early preoperative diagnosis of an antrochoanal polyp and a postoperative diagnosis of an aggressive sinonasal angiomyxoma underwent extirpation surgery with an endoscopic medial maxillectomy approach results in no recurrences after two years.


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